Stable Diffusion prompt generator - 200+ effective keywords

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Stable Diffusion prompt generator - 200+ effective keywords

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Step-by-step prompt generator to build high-quality prompts.

  • Prompt and negative prompt generator
  • 200+ well-tested keywords with notes (lifetime update)
  • Image organizer
  • Trusted by hundreds of AI artists.
  • Tips for generating stunning pictures, resolving issues

Notion Edition

✅ Use with a FREE Notion account.

✅ Color keyword tag.

✅ Integrate into your Notion workflow.

✅ Remix and customizable to suit your needs.

Demo for Notion Edition:

Excel Edition

✅ Use with Microsoft Excel. (No free version)

✅ Notes next to keywords in the drop-down menu.

✅ Positive/Negative Prompt templates.

✅ Remix and customizable to suit your needs.

Demo for Excel Edition:

Customer Testimony

"The first few tries are very promising" - Sven A.

Product Details

Do you have an artistic idea but couldn't find the right keywords?

Are you wondering if there's a system to generate all those stunning images?

How to tell Stable Fusion to generate a particular style?

This prompt builder is here to help you solve these problems. You can use it to keep track of keywords, automatically generate prompts, document generated images and parameters.

Keyword categories:

  • Medium of image
  • Artistic style
  • Artist name
  • Image website
  • Resolution
  • Details
  • Lighting
  • Color scheme
  • Negative prompt


What are the differences between Notion and Excel editions?

They are the same prompt-building system but implemented on two different interfaces, one as a Notion template and the other as an Excel File.

Does the Notion version this work with the free version of Notion?

Yes, once you've made your purchase, a link with be sent to you to duplicate this to your Notion workspace. Create a FREE account if you don't have one.

What's your refund policy?

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase or it's not what you expected, please get in touch with me for a refund. No questions asked.

Still have questions?

Send your feedback or questions to andrew@stable-diffusion-art.com

New to Stable Fusion? Get this Quick Start Guide.

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Stable diffusion prompt generator and image organizer

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